Topic outline

  • Software Development

    We understand the local business and local customer requirements, I know we cannot always depend on a developed software, we can develop and customise the development according to the customer needs and adapt it with the standards that the software may need. our products:

    1. Sales and Services Custom Software for the Atlantic Erbil Residency Project.
    2. Medical Software for Yad Polyclinic.
    3. Medical Lab software for Al-Mufty lab.
    4. Sales Management software for New Eskan and Eskan Towers Residency Project/Erbil.
    5. Services Management Software for New Eskan Residency Project/Erbil.
    6. Loan Management Software for Sumer Bank/Erbil.
    7. Sales Software for MNW residency project in Erbil.
    8. Gym Management Software for High Oxygen Gym.
    9. TV Programs Management Software for KorekTV and Kanal4 TV/ Erbil.
    10. Purchasing and Inventory Tracking for the University of Kurdistan Hewler.
    11. Document Management Software for the University of Kurdistan Hewler.
    12. Library Management System.
    13. Reklam Management Software for MediaLand TV.
    14. Other quick and small solutions for various businesses.