Topic outline

  • e-Learning System and Remote Learning System

    We can install, train and make sure you are using the Moodle e-learning system efficiently and solve all your problems that you may face while you are using it, below are our project samples:

    1. University of Kurdistan Hewler Moodle.

    2. University of Salahaddin/College of Engineering Moodle.

    3. University of Knowledge Moodle.

    4. Language Center.

    What can we do for you?

    • Moodle-LMS hosting
    • Moodle-LMS integration
    • Moodle-LMS support
    • Moodle-LMS consultancy
    • Moodle-LMS implementation
    • eLearning content creation
    • Moodle-LMS training

    • School Management System

      Childcare System

      Do you have a childcare centre and you want a system to update the parents and let them know what is the child doing and spending time at the daycare centre, we can take care of that.

      School System

      • University Management System

        We can provide you with a system that will take care of your university for:

        1. Online Admission.

        2. Registry and admission Processing.

        3. HR.

        4. Fee Management.

        5. Alumni.

        6. Current Student Portal.

        7. Library.

        8. Grade distribution.

        9. Dorm Management.

        10. Reception Management.

        11. Transportation Management.

        • Online Teaching

          Provide Online Teaching Solutions for:


          2. (University of Knowledge).