Topic outline

  • School Management System

    Childcare System

    Do you have a childcare centre and you want a system to update the parents and let them know what is the child doing and spending time at the daycare centre, we can take care of that.

    School System

    • University Management System

      We can provide you a system that will take care of your university for:

      1. Online Admission.

      2. Registry and admission Processing.

      3. HR.

      4. Fee Management.

      5. Alumni.

      6. Current Student Portal.

      7. Library.

      • e-Learning System and Remote Learning System

        We can install, train and make sure you are using the Moodle e-Learning system efficiently and solve all your problems that you may face while you are using it, below are our project samples:

        1. University of Kurdistan Hewler Moodle.

        2. University of Salahaddin/College of Engineering Moodle.

        • Other Systems

          Do you have a system in your mind and cannot find in our services, no worries just contact us and we will help you and develop it for you.