Topic outline

  • Website Creation

    We are the right people to create your website, responsive, most secure websites, beautiful design and fast loading are the main keys we are considering in our works. Examples of our work:

    1. University of Kurdistan Website (2016, up and running now)

    2. American Corner Erbil Website (2017, up and running now).

    3. Ministry of Municipality and Tourism KRG (2012, it is down now).

    4. (for New Eskan Residential Project) (2012, it is down now.).

    5. (for Eskan Towers Residential Project), 2014, it is running.

    6. (for Dilman International Language Center), 2012, it is down now.

    7. (for Rabar Real Estate Company), 2011, it is down now.

    8. (for Star-x TV Receiver company), 2014, it is down now.

    9. (for Media Star TV Receiver), 2014, it is running now.

    10., 2011, it is down now.

    • Web Applications

      1. Student Information System (SIS) including payments for a Graduate student in 2012.

      2. Online Admission System and Student Information System for the University of Kurdistan Hewler.

      3. Trouble Ticket System for the University of Kurdistan Hewler.

      4. Staff Information System for HR, University of Kurdistan Hewler.

      5. Network Port Tracking System, University of Kurdistan Hewler.